Melanie Parker looked down at the 3 week old baby, that lay helplessley in her hand. This was her baby. Her creation. Well not entirely. It was his too. His creation also.

Oh, how she wanted to go back to him, be back in his arms. She was only 16, she was scared

But how could she face him? It was her fault, all her fault. She pressured him into it. Usually it would be he other way around. But not this time.

"Let's wait Mel" he would say "We have alot of time"

But no, she wanted it. She got it alright

Each time would be the same. No condom and no pregnancy, but the last time was different. Still no condom, but now, there was pregnancy

She tried to work up the nerve to tell him. Tell him, about the baby, but when it came time to say it to him, she would freeze.

She just couldn't do it, what would she say "Oh hey honey, you got me pregnant. It was all my fault, now we'll both have to suffer"

No. She just couldn't. She loved him way too much

So, she took the lazy mans way out. She fled. She stole money from her parents and left. Too much responsibilty, too much pain, too much guilt. She couldn't take it anymore

She took her nameless baby and beat up Toyota and drove and drove and drove. She didn't know where she was going, she didn't care

Now here she was one week later, sitting in the back seat off the same Toyota that had taken her here

Neither she nor here baby had eaten since they left Tulsa. How she survived.....how they survived, was a mystery

She again glanced down at her baby, who was happily giggling

If she only knew

Melanie wiped a fallen tear from her cheek, and climbed into the front seat

She couldn't do this anymore, not to her baby. Things were gonna change...for the baby. Not for her

So she drove. She dove back to Tulsa The town in which everything had started. She drove down that familar road and when she reached her destiation she stoped

She pulled out a napkin from the glove conpartment and one of those Citybank pens, her father always brang home and began writing

She quietly got out of the car put the letter in the mailbox and left

She drove again to her second destination and again wrote

This time, instead of just taking the letter with her she also took her child. Their child .

When she reached the front porch, she lay the baby down gently, wrapping the necklace he had given her around the babys neck

She placed the note down under the baby and left.

When she had reached the car she got in and began honking the horn like crazy

She looked at the house, his light suddenly came on

Her job was done and she left. She left and was on her way to her final destination

He awoke alarmed by the loud beeping outside, yawning he climbed out of his bed and jogged down the stairs

All the lights were out in his house, no one else was awake

He quietly tiptoed through the rooms, careful not to make much noise,

When he reached the front door he opened it. Curious to find out who was making all the noise

Slowly walking outside into the cool air, he didn't see a soul and was about to close the door when he heard soft cooing

He turned to his porch swing and gasped. A baby.

He quickly picked up the baby, carefully holding her in his arms

Looking back at the swing to see if anything else had come with this baby, he saw the note.

Once inside he lay the baby down on the soft, warm couch and turned on a dim light

He took the letter from his pocket and read aloud:

Dear Taylor,

This baby that I leave with you is our baby. We made her. She's beautiful isn't she?

I didn't have ebough guts to face you then and I still don't have enough to face you now

I leave her with you because she's better off there. I can't take care of her

You'll never see me again. It's better that way. Tell her about me if you want. Just make sure she knows I love her and make sure you know that I love you

things should have been different. You didn't deserve this

I've decided that I've caused too much pain to everyone to live. It's over. I'm over

Please take care of our baby

I'll be watching and guiding you and her always

I love you

Taylor droped the letter, to find one hand over his mouth

How could she he thought

I would have helped her and supported her

He couldn't move, he knew what was gonna happen to Melanie, his first love, his true love, yet he couldn't stop her

He carefully cradled his baby. Their baby. and waited. For what? He didn't know

After what may have seemed like hours to him, the doorbell rang

Still no one was up, so he answered it

He looked at the visitors, Mr and Mrs Parker, her parents

They were crying when they handed him the note, he read aloud:

Mom, Dad and my beautiful sister Molly,

I love you guys, but I can't go on

It has nothing to do wih you or on the contrary to what you believe it has nothig to do with Taylor either, he's a good boy

The baby that is with Taylor is mine, ours. It wasn't his fault, it was mine. I was stupid

I can't live with the guilt, so I have to go.

Please don't cry for me

I'll be there with you always

The baby is nameless, I want Taylor to name her if that's alright

Molly is probably too young to remember me, so tell her about me if you wish

I love you


All of their faces revealed the same expression. It wasn't anger, nor guilt. It was sadness

The next day, Melanie's story was on he news. The reportor, reported that she jumped off Chris's Cliff to her death. The news wouldn't report her name, but he as well as Mr. and Mrs. Parker knew well enough who it was

He was pretty strong through the whole thing, he broke down and cried two times, one when they announced where she comitted suicide: it was where they first met and two when he found the necklace around the babys neck: it meant so much to her

The baby was named Melanie Rose. Melanie being her mother's name and Rose, her mothers most favorite flower.

Taylor indeed did raise his child. Their child.

He constantly told the baby about her mother and how gret she was, only he wished Melanie was there with them, to show the baby Melanie just how great she really was.

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