t h e i r * s e c r e t
Their Secret

Taylor stoped and stared at the girl that was standing in front of him. She was just standing there lifelessly, blocking his path, staring at him, studying him

Did he know her? Again, he looked at her. Pale, with dark hair and brown, empty eyes. No, he'd never seen this girl before in his life

"I knew you'd wait for me" she said quietly, taking a step forward

"Huh?" he question, moving back as she moved closer

"Why'd you go? I'm missed you, you never wrote, you never called..."

She didn't get a chance to finish her sentence, as she was interupted by a women walking down the block.

A look of nervousness spread across her face as the women grew closer, suddenly she turned around and bolted towards the back of the house

Confused, Taylor took off after her, when he reached the back of the house, she was gone. It was like she was never even there to begin with. Like the wind just swept her away

A few days later, Taylor, his brother Zachary and his father were cleaning out the attic, in their old Victorian home

"Wow! Taylor, you look so much like dad when he was little" the youngest, said looking from the picture that lay in his hand, to his brother and back to the picture

"Let me see that" Taylor said snatching the picture from his brother grasp

"Wow your right, dad come look at this"

Crunching, as to not hit his head on the low ceiling, Walker made his way over to his sons

A chuckle, escaped him, as he glanced at the picture

"Ahhh, those were the good old days. I was 15 then" he said pointing at the picture

"I was going with a girl, named Rebecca. That's her over there" he pointed to a dark haired girl, over in the far let corner of the photo

A gasp escaped Taylor's mouth as he realized he recognized the girl

"Oh my god" he said, grabed the photo and took off down the stairs

He ran. He ran to the house. The house that claimed the mysterious girl, he ran into the other day. It was darker now, the front porch lights of the house were on. Good, she's home

Furiously he pounded on the door, in desperate need of an answer. The look on his face droped, as a man, maybe in his 50's a little older than his dad answered the door

"Quit making such a racket son. Your able to wake the dead"

"Is Rebecca home?" he asked, out of breath

"Rebecca...look son, I don't have time for any of your games, Good..." the man began to shut the door

"No wait" Taylor said and pushed the door back open

"Her" Taylor pulled the old picture out of his pocket, and pointed to the girl

"Where did you get this?"

"It belongs to my father, do you know the girl?"

"Yes, yes I do. Come in"

Taylor followed the man inside, soon there after he was sitting on Harry Ritters couch, oposite him

"Rebecca was my wife, Taylor. She died in 1978"

"That was the year my parents were married....How did she die?"

"Yes. Taylor she wasn't murdered nor was she killed. She commited suicide, took 'er own life"

Taylor gasped.

"Her and your father were pretty close when they were young, around your age I think. Everyone was envious of their relationship, myself included, just as it seemed like nothing could be done to seperstae them, right out of the blue, your father and his family move to Florida, come back in 1977, and a year later he was married. I don't think Beckie was able to handle it. All that pain, all at once, she lost her true love. True, she had me. But no one could replace Walker"

There was nothing taylor could say. He was speechless, absolutly speechless.

"Taylor, ever since Bec died I've done alot of reading up on the dead. Now, you say you ssaw her and she said she was waiting for you. Right?"

He nodded

"She must've mistaken you for Walker, cleary you and him have a very strong resemblance and your aura appears the same"


"Yes aura, it's a sort of form that exsists around you. It's not visible to the human eye. Ghosts use that to sense who it is their talking too, take it they can't see very well"

"But she was young like around my age. Surely she didn't die that young" finally, he was able to talk again

"Really? Well, according to this book right here. Ghosts take the form of a time in their life when they were most happiest"

A tear rolled down Taylor's cheeck. It was all so sad. Rebecca was happiest when she was with dad. And then his mom came and had to ruin it. Taylor also couldn't help but feel a touch of guilt. He was part of his father, a part that Rebecca longed for, even in death. He couldn't take this anymore. Quietly he got up, thanked Harry and left the house

By this time it was pitch black outside, he walked along the desolate road, not looking up from the ground

"Stop" he heard a whisper from behind him and spun around

Surely enough, there was Rebecca

"hello Taylor" she said, she had more of an angelic glow now, rather than a sickly one

"You know the truth now. I loved your father, and I still do. I know what you are thinking. You think I hate your mother. I don't. She makes Walker happy. I'm happy when he's happy. You make Walker happy. Thank You" slowly she disappered.

Taylor just stood there for awhile taking all her words in.

After a few moments he continued home

Would he tell his dad about this? No. Rebecca wouldn't be back. She was happy now, Her work was done

It was his secret. Their secret

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